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Welcome to Dance Fitness Nutrition with Aimee Hurlston!  This website will give you all the information you need about my classes and will guide you in working out which fitness program is right for you. I am also a certified Nutritionist and available for consultations.  Please contact me directly for further details regarding this.

I have always had a passion for dance and fitness and have worked as a qualified Fitness Instructor for almost 8 years, specialising in Zumba, their specialty programs like STRONG by Zumba, Jungle Body programs Konga and Jagua & my own freestyle classes including dance classes & weight resistance training. Every class is exciting, fun and full of energy (we have the sweat to prove it!)

I aim to stay true to ZUMBA with all of my routines, however, with having over 25 years experience in dance; I can't help but add my own style and flavour to keep them fresh and unique.  My Zumba classes are suitable for all abilities (believe me... my experience of instructing an adult male rugby team proved that it's not only dancers who can really wiggle their hips!) Classes are truly like a fitness party! You'll leave feeling energised and in the best of moods! These classes are a great way to socialise too and many of the ladies who started out on their own have made so many great new friends!

KONGA is an exciting, vibrant and unique workout that combines various cardio and strength exercises from around the world including boxing, kick boxing, pilates and a variety of dance styles such as pop, afro, and hip hop to name a few.  The moves are simple and repetitive, enabling a wider range of fitness abilities to master the steps and take part in the classes. This allows them to put more effort and energy into each track, increasing the workout intensity on the body which along with a healthy diet and lifestyle is more likely to produce desired results.  Konga is highly addictive with routines accompanied by an awesome
ever-changing soundtrack - you will never get bored in these classes!
Using lightweight dumbbells, this class will lead you through a series of exercises both standing and floor work to focus on creating tone and definition throughout the body. The class is low impact and in addition you'll be accompanied by an awesome soundtrack! A new class will be starting in January 2018 with a brilliant 80s playlist! This class is suitable for beginners even if you have never used free weights before.
JAGUA is a program designed to strengthen the body and mind. It utilises movements from Pilates, Yoga, Ballet, Stretch classes and Gym Training to create a total body workout, within a musical environment. Jagua not only enhances the body’s flexibility and core strength, but also helps to create long lean muscle and body tone and enhance your mood and general well-being. Jagua uses interval training which increases fat burn by raising the body’s metabolic rate and along with an infectious pulse raising soundtrack, this class really is a total body workout!

STRONG by Zumba This unique workout combines your favourite Zumba rhythms with strength, toning and conditioning choreography designed to improve your stamina, physique and overall well-being! This program is completely different to any body conditioning class out there, as the music was created around the steps, not the other way round! This means you'll get the most out of this class, with the movements fluid, effective and easy to follow! Please get in touch for more details!

BALLROOM & LATIN FITNESS uses the basic steps of dances including the waltz, jive, cha cha cha, samba, salsa, tango & paso doble to create a dance-fitness workout that's easy to follow and fun to take part in! The awesome soundtrack will take you through decades of great music and will leave you smiling from ear to ear (and a little sweaty too!) This class is great for a variety of fitness abilities and ages and will appear in the Tuesday night 7:45pm featured classes time slot throughout the year.
FREESTYLE DANCE CLASSES are great fun! If you have always wanted to learn your favourite routines to music videos from the 90s to now, or there's a song on the radio you just have to move to... Then this is the class for you. In these classes, I will teach you a mixture of routines that are featured in poop videos and dances I have choreographed myself. No dance experience is required! Try no to take yourself to seriously and enjoy being a back up dancer for some of your favourite artists throughout the decades! Recently we have danced with NSYNC, The Backstreet Boys, Little Mix and Britney Spears! This class will appear as one of the Tuesday night featured classes during the year.

Whether you are just discovering dance-fitness classes or you're an established addict... my classes are for you! The video below will give you a taster of my classes in action!


So take a look through my website and if any questions you have haven't been answered in my FAQ's (click on the 'More' tab) then please feel free to get in touch via the Contact page.

Loyalty cards are also available in class. Please see my Class Schedule page for details. as not all of the classes are running at once and my timetable changes throughout the year.


See you on the dance floor!